Questions for Video Orientation

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orientation video

You can visit the Facebook page for a link to the video


 Questions for the Video Orientation Presentaiton


all answers should be emailed to

with the subject line - Orientation Answers

 Be sure to include your complete Name (first and last) and your home county and the # of the sponsor 

Example:  Laurel Matthews, Bergen County #117 

Question #1

What is the time and date of Registration for the Jersey Girls State program ?

Question #2

What are the 2 parties of Jersey Girls State and where can you find the information as to what party you have been assigned ?

Questions #3

What is the dress code for the Jersey Girls State program ?

Question #4

Are you allowed to keep Prescription medications in your room at Jersey Girls State ?

Question #5

What are 3 of the Elected offices on the County Level at Jersey Girls State ? 

any incomplete or wrong answers or incomplete personal information, will not be given credit for attending an orientaiton.  You will be notified if you are given credit or not.