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Structure of Girls State





At Girls State, each girl, as she registers, becomes a citizen of an assigned city. The citizens set up city governments and elect city officials. The City Councils then enact ordinances to govern the cities. The city officials enforce the ordinances. Two cities constitute a county. The county governments are organized by the election of a Board of Freeholders,  a Sheriff, etc. for each county. The elected officers then proceed to function in all county matters, as provided by the Constitution and the laws of the State of New Jersey. The counties together become the state. Each girl is assigned to one of two parties - Federals or Nationals - so they may see how political parties function. They develop their own party platforms and discuss  issues they choose. All of the elections are carried out according to the existing laws of New JerseyFollowing the State Primary Election is the General Election, when the citizens elect the Girls State Governor.  From the Assembly and Senatorial Districts they elect the members of the Girls State Assembly and Senate. An Inaugural Ceremony is held and the Girls State Governor-elect and other state officials are given their oaths of office.The two branches of the legislature organize, author, and pass bills. The Governor decides whether to sign the bills into law or veto them.  

Sponsorship to Girls State

Candidates to Girls State will ONLY be accepted for enrollment when sponsored directly by a unit of the American Legion Auxiliary or approved by a unit for sponsorship by another organization. Every unit of the American Legion Auxiliary in New Jersey is urged to sponsor one or more citizens to Girls State. It is expected that most of the citizens will be sponsored by units. However, sponsorship of some citizens by civic, fraternal, and patriotic organizations is highly encouraged, provided the citizens are enrolled through a local unit. Any organization wishing to sponsor one or more citizens should contact the  Girls State Chairman of the unit. Likewise, units are encouraged to contact community organizations most likely to sponsor a citizen.  Enrollment is limited. Therefore, Auxiliary units and other organizations desiring to sponsor citizens should make plans early to do so, sending fees at the earliest convenient date.

American Legion Auxiliary Jersey Girls State



June 17 2018


Criteria for Selection to Girls State

Each candidate will be interviewed by a member of the American Legion Auxiliary, who will have final authority in selecting the Delegates to the Girls State program.

Candidates will be selected based on academic achievement, leadership, patriotism, community involvement, extra curricular activities. Every delegate (and alternate if selected to replace a delegate) must be willing to participate in patriotic ceremonies and non-demoninational prayer.

Dates of 2018 Jersey Girls State Session

Sunday June 17, 2018 - Friday June 22, 2018

Counselors report Saturday June 16, 2018